What Should Parents Do When Babies Are Choked

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During the introduction of solid foods to babies, choking-related incidents are common. Choking occurs when something blocks the airways partially or entirely making breathing difficult. In particularly, baby choking while feeding is mostly caused by large solid particles in the puree that is difficult for the baby to swallow. 

Introducing the wrong puree to the baby, dependent on their age, may make swallowing the food difficult for the baby hence causing choking. 

In the event of a baby choking, first aid should be administered immediately by the parent or caregiver. First perform back blows. Lay the toddler face down on your thighs with the bottom higher than the head while holding the child's jaw with your hand to support the head. Proceed to hit them firmly in the area between the shoulder blades using the heel of your hand up to five times. 

If the back blows do not work to dislodge the food causing choking try chest thrusts. Turn the baby so that they face upwards. Using two fingers, place them in the middle of their chest; this is just below the two nipples and pushes downwards sharply up-to five times. 

For older children, the Heimlich Maneuver can be performed. Wrap your arms around the child. Then using one hand make a fist and press the thumb side of the fist against the child's upper abdomen; the area just above the navel but below the rib cage. Grasp your fist with the other hand then firmly press the child’s upper abdomen with a quick upward pressure. Repeat the action until the stuck item is dislodged. 

When first aid does not work to relieve the choking, dial emergency numbers and be sure to rush the child to the nearest hospital. 


#Advice to avoid choking

To avoid choking, ensure that you create very smooth purees for your baby. This can be achieved by using a good baby food maker that grinds all the ingredients until they are fine. 

Great consideration should be made when purchasing a baby food maker to ensure purchase of one that will result in proper baby purees being ground. 

Ensure that the baby is weaned into solid foods gradually.









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